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We are a full service construction company offering a complete range of services for your construction and renovation needs. We specialize in commercial, residential, retail, high rise, commerical coating and painting, waterproofing and spalling repair. Contact us anytime and let us know how we can help you! Click the button on the right for an estimate.

Services include:

  • > Elastomeric Coating for Parking Structures (Removal & Coating)
  • > Fiber Glass Reinforcement & Relfective Roof Coating
  • > Cementitious Acrylic and Decorative Coating for Elevated Lanais and Pool Decks
  • > Exterior/Interior Waterproofing Wall Coating
  • > Below Grade Coatings and Installations of French Drain and Perforated Systems
  • > Epoxy Coating for Athletic and Food Services
  • > Epoxy Injection for Railings
  • > Urethane Injection Between Slabs and Walls

Liquid Granite

Liquid Platinum

Pro Stain

Pool Deck Surfacing


Protective Coating/Painting